Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bear not happy.

I've been at my job for close to nine years.
It was fun until there was a restructuring last Summer that turned the entire company upside down. The big CEO in corporate fired almost everybody under her including our store's branch manager. He was replaced by a lady who was fired by Wawa and the place turned into chaos within weeks. It came out that one manager was kicked out of one branch for sexual harassment came to our store since our branch manager was his friend, and did the same thing at our store. He later made his girlfriend (a girl at wares breakdown) our backroom supervisor after having sex in the parking lot (he was caught by the girl at the donation door), she reported it to no response from our branch manager who was his friend. Lots of bullying from the young teenage workers who used to slam wooden pallets and full plastic totes on the floors that hurt my ear (I have nerve damage in my right ear), then the one manager used to get in on the fun grabbing the heaviest pallet and slamming it on the floor at full force just to make me jump out of my skin. People were walking out (we lost four people in one week), managers were turning into bullies which lead to more people walking out, it looked like they were going after the older workers. Women who were hangers were being replaced on a weekly basis after quitting. Managers were making their friends managers which led to more anarchy in the workplace. Here I am with 13 years years of managerial experience running a record store in North Miami Beach Florida who kept getting passed over while some 20 year old manager makes his girlfriend a manager, or a person in corporate pushes a friend, or family member with no experience in management. Then I got demoted when the big "DPI" program Goodwill paid $40,000 for was ditched which lead to more anarchy. The young managers put me and two other (over 40) people at the door and brought 3 young inexperienced girls to price wares. What lead to me quitting is one day, me and my co-workers were emptying bags of clothes into large cardboard boxes on top of wooden pallets (they call them "gaylords") with everyone including management coming out helping, plus they're loading a donation center truck on the premises as well. This was at peak donation season. A donor came up and asked for "a donation receipt" so I went to get it for him. The one young inexperienced manager decided to jump up and down screaming, in-front of everybody including donors humiliating me. This kid was yelling and waving her arms putting a show on her friends reading me the riot act because "I ignored her" while we have a loud truck twelve feet away with it's engine running. I pleaded my case "I didn't hear you because I'm 20' away from you with a loud truck next to me sorry, I went to get the man his donation slip", then she went off. In front of donors, co-workers, and managers decided to tear me a new one screaming at me like a spoiled teenager while everyone looked on,  "GIMMIE MY SLIP!!!" That's when I had enough and joined the rest of the people who had enough of the madness, I took off my work vest and laid it on the wood pallets and quit. It would work better if Goodwill hired managers who were experienced and knew how to talk to people, not to hire inexperienced kids. If that kid kept to herself, I would still be there. There's only so much punishment you can take before you hit the breaking point.  


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