Friday, May 11, 2012


My eight track collection part 1

Hi to you all

Sorry I've been away from the lair, things have been crazy here.
Today I'm showing my ginormus collection of 8-track tapes. Get ready for a nostalgic hernia.

This is one box of goodies, half off these I had since high school in the 70's.

Back in the day, Record Land in the Hollywood Fasion Center had the best selection of cut-outs, Russell and Pablo used to turn me on to all the good ones. Gris Gris on 8-track, I still wish I had my original of Trout Mask Replica.

I used to have a bunch more but I wound up donating them to Ranch Hope in New Jersey. Most of it was country stuff I got in trades, I think a couple of missing ones got in there by mistake, my Nick Drake tape is missing. In that pile are some post-1982 RCA and CRC carts. They made them up to 1988 when the major labels stopped at 1982.
I found those at a thrift in Stanton, those Partridge Family carts are unplayed in mint boxes. Those two Savoy tapes are too cool.

Clarence "Blowfly" Reid used to come into the store I ran and autographed his tape, he signed it as Blowfly but I wanted it signed as Clarence Reid so that's why he drew a dong on it. I scored the Beatles tape at the Thunderbird, I have the correct box for it. I forgot where I found the two James Brown tapes. That GRT Turtles tape has "Let The Cold Winds Blow" on it which was on the first album, a bonus.

Four Tracks anyone :)
The Exciting Wilson Picket - Frank Sinatra: I Remember Tommy

The Ventures In Space - Frank Sinatra: Strangers In The Night

I'm a big Sinatra fan and have a nice collection of his tapes, most I had from the day....

Here's a rarity, the Longines "The Works" boxset with bonus tape and book.

I collect "Trucker" LP's from the 60's for the cheesy artwork, this is the only 8-track I have. There is nothing cheesier than a trucker tape.

More stuff to come, this is 60% of it.


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