Saturday, December 04, 2010


I'm back

I'm still here. I haven't died yet, some people would like to see me dead, why I don't know. It's probably my personality, or my standoffish approach to certain people. I like to work alone and be alone, and I don't like to work with people who can't carry their weight. Something happened today that reminds me of the High School graduation fiasco in 1982 when I got a post card in the mail that read "HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION EXERCISES HAVE BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO ANOTHER SCHOOL USING THE HALL. WE WILL CALL YOU WITH THE DATE FOR THE RESCHEDULE". On the bottom of the card, it read "IF YOU DO NOT ATTEND YOU DON'T WALK". Me and several other students never got a call so I got fucked out of my big day, the bitch never even gave me back my cap & gown money either. Dog Meat hand picked the ones she wanted to walk the isle, clique-ee bullshit. My diploma came in the mail, I felt like burning the fucking thing when I got it. Twelve years for this, a diploma in the mail. If it was my brother, my idiot father would call every lawyer in the phone book just like the time when his boy got knocked cold by some derelict at a Burger King. Which brings me to this... our Christmas party. This bitch who has it out for me for some reason never gave me a RSVP sheet for the party, she gave everyone in the room one but I never got one. When I asked her for one, she muttered something when she walked out of the area which I did not hear. Then I hear 2 days ago that the party is today and they would not take my RSVP, so here I fucking am. The place I work for is so damn clique'e it's not funny. If you are a friend of a manager, you get kicked up the ladder in a month or so, plus perks and rapid rewards up the ass. I think I'm back in high school all over again, fucking deja vu.

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