Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Things are going smoothly

I'm back to report that things are going along smoothly.
The two new racks are in and both are packed, one with jazz, the other with rock, I can use another two but I have nowhere to put them. A few weeks ago at Costco, I scored this big metal rack which I'm planning to put where this delopadated workbench stands, I may do that next week since I have a few days off. Get rid of the old kindling shitbox and put a nice metal rack in it's place and fill it up with Easy Listening, Vocals, and Exotica.

Most of the damaged stuff is fixed.
With a bucket of bleechy water and a rag, I cleaned the mold off the covers successfully inside and out. The JATP boxes survived with just a little discoloring, Most of the covers had some discoloring when dried which was a relief, some had some damage from the paper sticking together. Some of them need to be reglued. I'm still on a quest to find replacement covers at the thrifts, the two I'm desperately trying to find are Kinks Kontroversy and Once Again by Barclay James Harvest (on Sire Dist. by Polydor), I'm hoping on finding some trashed LPs that I can get for the covers, the rest of the flood victims are somewhat common but I would like to save my Tull Porkys/Peckos.

To clean them I took a risk.
I made a solution of bleechy water (1/2 cup of unscented bleech & a gallon of water) and a sponge and wiped the LPs removing the mold/mildew. Once the stuff melts off the surface, I cleaned the LP with Disc Doctor solution with a Nitty Gritty machine. A LP that was once caked with moldy funk is now squeaky clean. It works. My 1S copy of Burgers (Hot Tuna) is playable once again.


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